I Ching Music

I Ching as
structural foundation
to musical composition

For over thirty years I have been using the I Ching as a foundation for my compositions. The I Ching is a system from the ancient Chinese used for divination. It's a binary system with a range Info. Re. Burdick's I Chingof 64 possibilities  (8 x 8 = 64). The rising and falling energy flows in the hexagrams suggest music form, melody line, emphasis points and much more. The Pattern of the lines suggest scale patterns. The 64 different hexagrams give us 64 different scales,I Ching Scales V. 5and the correlation of the 64 scales to the harmonic series gives each scale an individual vibration rate with the harmonics 64 through 128. It's a grand pattern full of musical color. Composer
Richard O. Burdick

Summer 2015:
The "Big Announcement"
All ten of mySymphonies for chamber orchestra or chamber ensemble can be listen to here:



CD37 Microtonal music of Richard Burdick

CD37 Richard Burdick's compositions:
Earth & Moon, Op. 202
Polar Flux, Op. 204 Microtonal music of Richard Burdick

A multi-track recording of Mr. Burdick:
A microtonal duet (Op. 204) & quartet (Op. 202)

64 tones per octave.

CD36 Classical Natural Horn
Music By Duvernoy & Schneider

CD36 Classical Natural Horn
Music By Duvernoy & Schneider

CD36 Natural horn Burdick Beautiful authentic practice classical era natural horn music, for horn trio and duo.

A very popular style of music in Beethoven's lifetime.

CD35 Twenty-Two Trios
for Horns

CD35 Twenty-two Trios
for Horn, Op. 156

CD35 Nothing else like it for horn ensemble! These trios are full of memorable tunes interwoven in fascinating ways, with wonderful twists and turns.

CD34 Natural Horn Music FOUND

Thanks to IMSLP a number of works have come to my attention from moderately obscure CD34composers, which I'm happy to present here performed on the Natural horn. Nineteenth Century composers Du Puy, Comte de Champigny, Alexandre Javault, Johann Peter Heuschekel. Released February 2013.

CD32 American Horn Music
American Horn Music
of the 40's & 50's


“This CD proves that what may have sounded weird sixty years ago now sounds normal and often beautiful.”

There are many lesser-known 20th century composers, who have great worth!

Let’s not forget the music of:
Wendell Otey
Alan Hovhaness
Henry Cowell
Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco
Gunther Schuller.


CD36 Classical Natural Horn Music By Duvernoy & Schneider
is released September 20, 2015 on CdBaby

June 2015 - all ten of my Chamber Symphonies are published and available to be heard in demo's on youtube.

I have added five new demo's of my compositions to my youtube channel so far this year:
Winter Playlist

My newest composition: Icy Lots, Op. 208 for Clarinet, Horn, Piano, Marimba and Vibraphone Demo is available to enjoy!

February, 2014 I have a growing list of sample vidoes of my compositions on youtube. See the playlist in the center of this page.

Nov. 30, 2013 I have been working on demo versions of my duets. I have a few now in demo-video on youtube:
Duet No. 1 for clarinet and horn, Op. 35
Duo "The Holy Fountain" for horn and double bass, Op. 54
Suite in D for violin and horn, Op. 72

Thank you to Adeline Tomasone who coached the trio for the premiere of my "September Summer 2013, Op. 155b" @ Boyer College of Music and Dance. Part of Temple University. The premiere took place Nov 7, 2013 with Elisa Muzzillo, flute; Tian Ming Yang, clarinet and Kelly Larkins, horn

Demo of QuadRhumba II and QuadRhumba I are available to watch on youtube

Sept. 26, the final copy of "The Peacock" Op. 82 for Flute, Vibraphone, horn and bass is done and posted to youtube.

My Horn Rondo, Op. 199b Premiered Monday September 23, 2013 as part of the Regina Symphony Orchestra Chamber Players School concert. There should be over 30 performance of this little piece this year.

CD35 became available from CD Baby Monday, August 19, 2013

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